A printable game for all musicians!

Make up funky rhythms with a deck of cards.

  • Rhythm Blox case
  • Rhythm Blox cards

Rhythm Blox gets you creating and playing your own rhythms like a composer. Players -- at any level -- make up new grooves using a deck of cards. You'll never be stumped again when you have to think of something new -- fast. The catch? Your fellow players may spice up your lick with their own ideas.

It's all in the cards. You get notes, rests, and a meter such as 4/4 or 3/4. Build one measure. Then clap, drum or sing it to CD's metronome tracks, score the points -- and keep your new riff.

So what's with the 35 tracks of metronome beats? They mark the time, and last for about 2 minutes, so you can repeat your new groove enough to get it into your bones. Track 1 is the slowest (50 beats per minute). Track 35 is the fastest. They get faster, by 5 beats-per-minute each time.

Each metronome track gives you 30 seconds of silence to use as practice time, 30 seconds at the chosen Beats Per Minute tempo, for practice, and 60 seconds at the chosen BPM for your performance.

The object is to keep time, score the most points on the cards, and win. But the real payoff is how quickly you add new riffs to your stash of musical ideas. Rhythm Blox gives you real rhythmic agility and composition skills -- and your own original grooves -- while you play and have fun.

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